The Your Dog Puppy Guide


The Your Dog Puppy Guide is the definitive guide to puppy ownership, leading potential puppy owners through the crucial first year – from finding and choosing their perfect pup to early training and any problems they may encounter along the way.

Your Puppy is divided into six important chapters:

Chapter 1: Finding a puppy
Choosing that perfect pup; breed information; advice on selecting your puppy from Your Dog contributor Karen Bush; providing the simple kit a puppy needs.

Chapter 2: Coming home
Preparing the home for puppy's arrival; how to cope with those first few days at home; simple and expert advice for settling your puppy in his new surroundings.

Chapter 3: Simple training
The all important first four weeks; simple, reward-based training methods; successful house training; exercises to help teach a puppy to sit, stay and come back; introducing the collar and lead.

Chapter 4: Care & health
Feeding your growing pup; general puppy healthcare needs; advice from vet Roberta Baxter; features on microchipping, vaccination, parasite control, neutering, grooming and insurance.

Chapter 5: The problem pup
Coping with the difficult six-12 months phase; correcting common problems such as toileting and chewing; dealing with a naughty puppy.

Chapter 6: Growing up
The adult dog; general health care and training needs; canine activities; a unique puppy profile for readers to update as their dog matures and develop.



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