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Most of us have experienced the ‘battle of the cat carrier’. You know the scenario: time’s getting short, you’ve got an important appointment at the vet’s, and as your stress levels rise, so does your cat’s anxiety, as he becomes more and more determined that he’s not going anywhere near that cat carrier!

Well, the good news is, that it doesn’t have to be this way, as part two of our ‘vet stress’ series explains. You can teach your cat to be more accepting of the cat carrier and make the whole business of getting to the vet’s surgery much more bearable for both of you.

If you’re looking for inspirational stories, you can read all about Pooh, the black and white Bulgarian stray who lost both his hind legs when he was hit by a train, in this month’s Your Cat.

Remarkably this plucky, lovable character survived, and thanks to some pioneering surgery (the first time this procedure had ever been performed in Eastern Europe) and the dedicated staff at the Central Veterinary Clinic in Sofia, he now has titanium legs and is in the process of finding a new home.

It’s also good to read about UK charity the National Animal Welfare Trust rolling out a pilot scheme, developed in the USA, called Open Paw, which aims to make life in rescue less stressful for cats, and help them to find new homes. The scheme seems to be working, with cats increasingly confident and more relaxed, leading to more interaction with visitors and, hopefully, more rehomings.

This month readers get to meet Valerie — the coolest of customers. Named Pets at Home’s Customer of the Year — which doesn’t seem surprising or unusual until you discover that Valerie is a cat — she’s made herself at home at the PAH store in Cambridge for the past two years and has become something of celebrity.

Finally, wouldn’t it be good to go away on holiday and feel confident that your cat was having as good a time as you were? Well, looking at what’s on offer for their feline guests at the Lawlor Cat Hotel, I’d gladly change places, particularly if lobster was on the menu!

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