Your Cat Magazine January 2017


Never underestimate the value of play — and not just for humans! For our cats it relieves boredom, reduces stress, and builds relationships and trust. It stimulates their minds and helps to keep them physically fit; in a nutshell it helps to keep them happy and healthy.

So, as we enter another new year, why not make play a priority in 2017? In our lead feature this month behaviourist Rosie Bescoby offers advice on the benefits of play and how you can inspire your cat; make plenty of fun and games one of your new year resolutions!

Cats are stoical animals and will often suffer in silence, and in recent years vets have discovered that osteoarthritis is far more common — particularly in older cats — than was originally thought. This month vet Dr Bradley Viner advises on how you can keep your cat’s joints healthy, what treatments are available if your pet suffers from arthritis , and how to recognise the signs of joint pain.

Elsewhere in the magazine there’s plenty to keep you entertained and amused over the new year break, from clever craft ideas (a cat-themed snood for you to make) to the story of the legendary cats who’ve graced a smart New York hotel for 93 years. So make yourself a cuppa and, with your cat beside you, enjoy a really good new year read. Happy 2017!

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